Enter Software

Our company has been operating in the IT sector of the Italian market for more than 20 years and manages thousands of customers throughout the country, designing and creating high-level software thanks to a great deal of preparation in the management and accounting fields.

We also deal with very important sectors in the field of information technology, first of all backup and data protection, also in relation to privacy regulations. We develop and market Iperius Backup internationally, a complete application to create backup copies of data on multiple devices. The software is translated into more than 10 languages, is also available in freeware version, and, thanks to its flexibility and completeness, can be considered among the best backup software in circulation today.

Our vision of work

The solidity given by experience

The value of our company, which, in addition to creating high quality software products, is able to guarantee the customer the advice of true professionals. Relying on Enter means making a choice that continuously reveals its value over time.

Ethics and Professionalism

The number of our customers and the software developed are important indications of the reputation we have built over the years in this sector. If new companies have always decided to choose us, this is largely due to the seriousness shown in every situation and with every customer.

Quality and Support

In our work every day we put into play the passion for new technologies and for the creation of software that correspond to the highest quality standards. In addition to this, our offer includes an always attentive and professional assistance and consultancy service.